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In today’s modern world, technology has made marvelous contributions to humanity and has played a crucial role in making a common man’s life easy. Over the past few years, this rapidly-growing industry has produced countless tools that have had the ability to accelerate your business. And among those handy inventions, Product Configurator has proved to be the most fruitful.

Product Configurators are software applications that are strictly designed to fulfill each and every requirement of the customer. A product configurator comes in very handy in the interaction of customers and companies. It helps in providing customers the freedom of choosing product options, features, and technically appropriate combinations online.

The product configurator is an essential technology. They play a vital role in many areas. For instance, in Mass Customization, they play the role of a channel between mass production and customer-specialized production.

How to use it?

Gone are the days when customers used to be happy and contended with identical products. Nowadays, customers invest a lot of time and effort in thinking of something unique, which would make their product stand out from the rest. Well, they should thank their lucky stars because Product Configurators have just made their life a lot easier.
In simple words, Product Configurators enables customers self-service. And the fact that it possesses the ability to self-serve the customer, the product configurator has completely surprised the entire e-commerce and sales industry.
The primary goal of a Product Configurator is to provide heaps of benefits to its users and customers. And that is only possible if they understand how it works. But there’s one question a lot of people might ask, How to find a product configuration that is convenient for you and easy to use for your customers? Well, calm down, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Though your product may be a little complex, finding a configurator doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. Have a look at some of the fundamental features of a Product Configurator.

  • In most of the businesses, all the manufactured products come with specific rules and regulation that have to be followed, come what may. A decent configurator would prevent the customer from custom building products that go against the regulation.
  • Product Configuration is only useful when it works with both the front and the back end. The configurator has to be able to automatically link the customer’s requirements and entries to particular modular parts and products.
  • Emerging markets are rapidly-growing, especially the B2B market, where these configurators are extraordinarily beneficial and valued due to the complexity of the products. While preparing your company for across border business, it’d be excellent to keep your configurator prepared too. To gain potential international customers, supporting multiple languages is necessary.
  • When you’re at the end of product configuration, your customer would ask for a quote. Majority of the advanced configurators have the ability to offer a quote, but that wouldn’t be enough for maximizing the customer experience. So, you need to have a configurator that has the capability to provide a discount based on the customer's location and selection. This will most certainly help you in growing your international business.

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product configurator
Product Configurator

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