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KONFIGEAR’s 3D Product configurator (CPQ) allows customers to personalise your products to their hearts’ desire. With real-time visualisation and feedback, your customers can view the product and the selected options in 3D and even in augmented reality and virtual reality!

3D Product configurator Software for Optimizing Your Business

Using product configurators for ecommerce helps B2B websites. Industrial firms find that highlighting services and products is simpler when employing quality 3D product customizer.

Are you manufacturing custom parts or hundreds of standard components? You need a way to sell your products conveniently to your customers. There’s a significant challenge when trying to sell your items online. That is where seeking the easiest way to sell numerous customizations and combinations of parts is vital.

Configurators are reliable web components in the industrial market. It can help your clients pick custom parts online through an automated and streamlined process.

Better product interaction

Increased consumer interaction through interactive product presentation. Show your products in full real-time 3D.

Decrease Quote Time

Empower your sales reps and partners to spend less time quoting and more time selling. Deliver quotes faster than your competitors.

Cost efficiency

Interactive product interaction creates a better consumer experience and drives to higher sales.

Limiteless configurations

Our 3D configurator can imitate every color material or scene. creating a sales tool that is perfectly suited for any product.

Up-Sell & Cross-Sell

Convert unique customer configurations into on-demand BOMs and routes, complete with configured work instructions, directly in your ERP.

Eliminate Mistakes

Deliver 100% accurate quotes and orders every time, eliminating costly rework and customer frustration.

The Demand for Product Configurator

Companies selling configurable products experience a continuous challenge. They often suffer from getting all the item information to their customers. It is where the product configurator comes in. It presents all the configurations and options involved in the products. Not to mention that it enables customers to pick the arrangements they require.

Companies traditionally give all the information associated to a specific model. It is provided as a static web page or print catalog. They offer instructions for customers to make their configurations. Such configuration information is filled out in an order form. That is then delivered to the company to design the product. However, there are many pitfalls in this procedure. It includes incorrect information that is sent to the customer. There are also misinterpretations of the configuration and mistakes in the order form.

A product configurator woocommerce can automate the whole process of selling configurable items. That massively boosts productivity and lowers expenses for companies.

product configurator

What is a Product Configurator?

A product configurator system offers all the necessary product details to the users. It guides the user in making a total configuration for various types of items.

For instance, an HVAC manufacturer is selling to contractors for installations. A standard air conditioning unit has different features. That should be selected based on the consumption, altitude, cooling area, and application requirements, among others.

A user must be offered with various base models they can select. It must be something customizable to meet their requirements. Usually a process involves different steps to choose such features. The product configurator website enables users to go through the numerous stages of configuration. That allows them to create a bespoke product mode so users can choose to place an order. They can request a quote for the product once the configuration is done.

The entire procedure is optimized. The user gets the necessary assistance needed. Meanwhile, the company receives the order from the customer with the help of the automated system.

online product configurator adds lots of value to a conventional system? Some of the most vita benefits are the following:

  • Superior user interface
  • Flexibility to add new technologies and features
  • Scalability to grow from hundred users to thousands in a limited time
  • Simple accessibility to different users across various platforms

Companies could leverage the use of catalog software by using a 3D product customizer. They can drive data from a central database to the different channels they use for sales and marketing.

what is a product Configurator

Benefits of Using a Product Configurator

Boost in revenue

Boost in revenue

Organizations could benefit from executing an online configuration system. That can be obtained by noticing a significant increase in revenue. Therefore, a product configurator must be a master marketing and sales tool for a company.

Improved accuracy

Improved accuracy

Each product details are centrally handled in a catalog software system. It is then published to the online product configurator. That lowers the faults while publishing. Not to mention that it reduces mistakes in order placement when customers choose the wrong parts for a system.

Cost-efficient operation

Cost-efficient operation

The procedure of offering details to the customer, setup, and placing an order is automated. That lowers the requirement for numerous individuals for customer service and sales. What’s more, it saves the company expenses of printing conventional paper catalogs.

Product configurator sales funnel

Uses of 3D Configurators in Various Industries

You will find different industries that are using product configurators to accomplish benefits. Some examples are discussed below:

Interiors & Furnitures

Interiors & furnitures manufacturers have noticed an enormous advantage in introducing the configuration process. They are often overwhelmed by improper order placements and order entry. Thus, these manufacturers have been looking for a solution to fix this issue.

Industrial & Engineering

You also have industrial vehicles at the other end of the vehicle spectrum. The industrial vehicle sector might not be an area where you’d think you’re liable for getting clients boasting a product. However, that’s wrong. That is where consumer vehicle configurators concentrate on superficial attributes.

Yacht & Cars

Automotive firms are operating a product configurator website to engage with their potential clients. That enables them to choose features and personalize the look of their vehicle. One of the most flourishing market launches in the past years has been that of the MINI.

How to use it in your organization

Product configurator software addresses the concern of the manufacturing stage. It lowers the time and workforce connected to it. Apart from that, the software could simplify the production cycle and process. That’s where optimization between suppliers and departments of materials can be accomplished.

One of the most advanced applications of the product configurator website is a way of making an exact digital final product. It removes the necessity to make to design expensive prototype product visuals. The behavioral properties and physical dimensions of any material could be accurately depicted to scale. It’s up to the user to identify the composition, shape, and size of the product. It then assesses its advantages correspondingly.

Product configurator software helps companies at every stage of the supply chain procedure. It coordinates a series of vital functions into one location. The user could take orders and issue estimates on raw materials in one program. They can also compile reports, and manage the production schedule, among a plethora of other functions.

A product configurator website lends itself to improving the efficacy through its customizable user interface. It enables businesses to take advantage of the added abilities of new software. That’s true even without needing to learn a new system. It will appear as if your current software has obtained a noticeable improvement in functionality.

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