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Met and exceeded every expectation. Introduced options above and beyond what we originally dreamed of. Our customers are going to be so happy to use this 3D configurator that was built for us. We will be definitely getting more orders because of this tool, and we couldn't have done it without your help! Amazing 10 Stars, 2 Thumbs up! Thank you Thank you! You forward to working with you on future projects!

Teardrop Trailers 3D Configurator for Camping & Adventure customization.

A commercial Teardrop designer 3d configurator is a software application used to draw and visualize the various configuration options of a Teardrop camper that are required for the purpose of setting up a Camping Trailer. The application is designed to help users in the configuration of the equipment. One can use this application to create a 3D model of the equipment. The system can be used to reconfigure the equipment in order to obtain a different configuration. The configurations can also be saved for future reference. The software rendering of our Product configurator service can also be used to convert 3D models into existing versions of the same model.


Who is Beantrailer ?

Beantrailer, is a company building
camping trailer in Uttah, their strong experience on Designing and manufacturing fiberglass products for over 30 years. made them best trailer manufacturer in the region.

Features of Commercial Trailer Configurator Built exclusivly for Beantrailer

The Teardrop designer 3d customizer is a camping Trailer Configurator and is based on the features provided by Konfigear framework.
This application supports a number of configuration options that can be customized, changed or deleted according to users need.
To make modifications and build the Teardrop designer you can use the mouse on the 3D Model on left area of the configurator, and you can Always access the menus that allow modification on the right side. On the other hand. This application is available online on the web and there no need of any installation, it is a powerful tool for one to set up the configuration of Teardrop designer.

Beantrailer customers now are be able to utilize the application with ease . providing all the tools required to configure the trailer and also save the configuration. The users will be able to generate a correct configuration, set up and test all the configurations. finally generating
an automated pricing calculation, Design Screenshot! and more!


Visual configuration is the fastest way to understand and sell even the most complex products


Our rules engine ensures accuracy, freeing up valuable resources and avoiding costly errors


A more streamlined buying experience creates a more satisfied customer that purchase more

Teardrop designer in pictures

Take a peek inside our 3D trailer Customizer

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With Konfigear’s intelligent & interractive product configurator you could earn x2 Faster, Convert More leads easily. and let your customers build theirs customized Product.

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