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Product configurator in Augmented Reality

Instill buyer confidence and display entire product catalogs with interactive visual configuration in real time.

Visualize how a new purchase will actually fit and appear in a designated space.


Open the app and follow the screen prompts to configure the space.

Now you're ready to begin adding virtual products to the space.

Place products into the desired location

move and rotate if necessary.

Visualize and validate the layout design. Send a screenshot to your friends, family or other decision makers.

If the design meets your expectations, quote the project or complete the order.

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Augmented Reality Features

From a mobile smartphone or tablet device, customize products and design spaces by interactively placing and positioning virtual product models into the actual environment.n

Model Targets

Model Targets recognize objects by shape using digital 3D models. Place AR content on multiple objects from multiple views on a wide variety of items.n

Image Targets

Image Targets are the easiest way to put AR content on flat objects such as magazine pages, trading cards and photographs.n

Multi Targets

Multi Targets are for objects with flat surfaces and multiple sides, or that contain multiple images.n

Object Targets

Object Targets are created by scanning an object. They are a good option for toys and other products with rich surface details and a consistent shape.n

KONFIGEAR hat Kunden in mehr als 20 Ländern auf der ganzen Welt. & ein führender Entwickler von innovativem Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Visual Product Configurator und Sales Quoting Software mit Virtual Reality-Erlebnissen.

Bereitstellung cloudbasierter Lösungen zur Vereinfachung komplexer Konfigurationen, zur Beschleunigung der Angebotszeit und zur Sicherstellung präziser Preise und Bestellungen.

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