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Transform your home renovation project with our custom Stair design software. Create the perfect design for your space and visualize it in real-time before construction.

Stair design software

How Our Custom Stair Configurator Made primashop Stairs a Success

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Streamlining the Stair Renovation Process: A Case Study of Our Custom Configurator

Our custom 3D stair configurator was the perfect solution for a recent home renovation project. The client was looking to renovate their staircase and wanted a tool that would allow them to visualize the final design before construction. Our configurator allowed the client to input their specific measurements and design preferences, resulting in a completely custom stair design. One of the biggest benefits of using our configurator was the ability to reduce mistakes by 40%. With the configurator, all measurements and designs were accurate and double-checked before construction began. In addition to the design aspect, our configurator also automated the proposal generation process. This saved time and effort for both the client and our team, as all necessary information was easily accessible in one place. This also made it easy for the client to approve the design and move forward with the project.

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