Custom Watch Strap 3D Configurator

Delugs is a Singaporean leader market of custom watch strap known for its innovative creations and specialized in luxury and high end leather goods.

Watch Strap Configurator


4K Rendering quality

Our tool allows for real-time rendering of over 40 specific scanned materials with guaranteed optimal performances on any device and browser. 

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard was used to manage new orders, customers and all configurations. 

Shopify Integration

We integrated the Configurator with our custom Shopify Plugin which allows a seamless configuration for Customers.

Unleash Your Creativity: The Benefits of Unlimited Configuration Possibilities

The ability to customize a strap to exact specifications is a game-changer. With Delugs’ custom 3D strap configurator, you have unlimited configuration possibilities.

Here are few benefits :

Delugs Custom 3D Strap Configurator

Delugs’ 3D realtime configurator, customers can choose from a variety of strap styles, colors, and materials to create a strap that perfectly matches their watch and personal style. The try it yourself feature allows customers to see exactly how their strap will look on their watch before placing an order, while the instant loading technology ensures a smooth and seamless design experience.

The 360 view feature allows customers to see their strap design from every angle, ensuring that they’re completely satisfied with the final product. And when they’re ready to purchase, Delugs’ ecommerce platform makes it easy to complete their order and receive their custom strap in no time.

But the benefits of the custom 3D strap configurator go beyond personalization. By offering a user-friendly and engaging design experience, Delugs has created a seamless customer journey that increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. And by streamlining the design and ordering process, Delugs has been able to increase sales and revenue while reducing costs and errors.

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