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Konfigear's 3D product configurator software

Product configurator powered by Konfigear’s unique software allows you to attract new clients with engaging 3D product visualization.

Customize your products in 3D and augmented reality with this innovative tool.

product configurator
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product configurator
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3d product configurator

Display all product customisation options in real time with 3d product configurator

Discover the benefits of using our solutions for your business. Our solution allows you to easily customize and configure your products, attracting new clients and standing out in the market. Our user-friendly platform and 3D visualization capabilities make it easy to build your products in a dynamic and engaging way. Try out our product configurator now and see the results for yourself!


Unmatched picture  quality for your configurable product with 4K resolution.


Customize any configurable product, Millions of combination in 3D scene, AR.


Drive confidence when buyers see exactly what they custom build.

Product Configurator for Furniture, Ecommerce, Automotive, and More

Our configurator is a powerful tool that can benefit businesses in a variety of industries, including furniture, ecommerce, automotive, and bath and kitchen. With the ability to easily customize and configure products in 3D, As a result our platform helps companies attract new clients and stand out in the market. Whether you’re a furniture retailer looking to showcase customizable pieces or an automotive company wanting to allow customers to build their dream car, our product configurator has something to offer. Try it out now and see the possibilities for yourself!

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Simple Integration On all Platforms

To help businesses configure, quote, and offer products more quickly, our product configurator systems integrate seamlessly with a wide range of business applications, including CRM, COMMERCE, CAD, CPQ, and ERP. This enables businesses to streamline their sales and production processes, reducing the time and resources needed to configure, quote, and fulfill custom orders. Our configurator software solution are also compatible with every Ecommerce-ready solution, including popular platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

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3D Product configurator

Create one-of-a-kind products with our user-friendly 3D product customization software. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your offerings

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